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I like the lightweight and compactness.

Also the camcorder has a view finder. Most cameras do not have that feature any more. I do not like looking at the screen in bright sun light taking videos, that is why I prefer the view finder. I like the feature that you can record videos on disks and the memory stick.

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I must say that I am quite impressed with the camcorder and all of its features. So it is hard to determine what I like most about this camcorder.

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The fact that it accepts two different types of media to write to is a very strong and flexible point in buying this camcorder. Zooming in on close ups is not a problem with the powerful 60x optic zoom. The tft touch screen makes it very easy to navigate though the camcorders menus and settings. The only drawback that I have came across is that the camcorder cannot write photos to the DVD media, a memory stick must be in place to use the camera only features of this camcorder. The camera features 60x optical zoom, and a x digital zoom, which lets you record high-quality video or still photos.

Control it all with the 2. Picture Motion Browser software allows for on-the-spot resizing and uploading of videos to the Web and is Dual Layer-compatible, allowing for increased storage. Skip to content Home Uncategorized Software handycam sony dcr-dvd Möchten Sie diese Antwort wirklich löschen?

Handycam Movies Assuming the camcorder records standard definition video, that would save to VOB files. Wie benutzt man LightScribe und lable Ihre Discs!

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How can I change the aspect ratio from 4:3 to 16:9 on Hangout Youtube On Air?

Ursprünglicher Verfasser des Beitrags. First, sorry for my level of english. I am trying to create a new tv programme online channel, in live and streaming. I have 3 semiprofessional cameras and a mixer Roland. What is the problem? I've tried with a simple webcam connected to the computer and the image is large, in I think the problem is from Roland, but maybe you can help me with the Hangout settings to solve that problem. Thank you!!

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